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Am I the only one obsessed with this film? I have watched it a hundred times at least! And no - I stop you right there - it’s not because of Michael B. Jordan (lol). Indeed Creed movie is full of valuable life lessons that anyone can use and relate to. And this is what I love so much about this film.

I have selected 10 powerful life lessons that motivate and inspire me every day. I hope it does the same to you and more.

I have to warn you though, this article is a bit of a spoil!

1. Your circumstances do not determine your future

Young Adonis Creed started life off with serious disadvantages. He lost both parents. He went from foster home to foster home and was dealing with some anger issues.

Based on this scenario one could argue that he would not go very far in life. But this is ignoring a key success principle.

Your circumstances do not determine your future but you do. You can decide to change your situation. And often, you may only need one person to help you realise it and design the future that you desire.

In Creed’s case it was his step-mother who offered to take him with her, adopt him, raise him and love him as her own child. And he accepted. This choice set him to a path for a better life.

No matter where you come from or what you are going through, there is still hope for a brighter future. You can still change your situation - alone, by reaching out to people or accepting help from the right people. Don’t lose hope!

2. Choose your zone of genius over your zone of excellence

Creed worked for a leader Group in Finance in Los Angeles and was offered a promotion. Finance was his zone of excellence – where he was doing something he was greatly skilled at. He was also an amateur boxer who self-trained and won all his fights. Boxing was his zone of genius – where he was using his natural abilities and inner talent.

One day he decided to quit his secured and well-paid job to pursue his passion for boxing. He took the risk to pursue what he loved doing, what made him happy and fulfilled and gave him a purpose in life. He chose his zone of genius.

The difference between your zone of excellence and your zone of genius is that you won’t struggle to get up every single day and you won’t even feel like you are “working”.

Are you currently working in your zone of excellence or your zone of genius?

3. Don’t let people discourage you

There are two types of people in this world who will discourage you:

  • Those who don’t want you to succeed (before them) and,

  • Those who love you and want to protect you (from what they don’t know and hence are afraid of)

Either way they will (try to) discourage you. So what are you supposed to do?

My advice: Don’t let them discourage you!

When Creed decided to go professional his (step-) mother tried to talk him out of it. She even told him not to call her anymore if he were to leave L.A. Heart-breaking! What do you think he did?

Well, he didn’t listen and decided to go anyway.

Most of the time we know best what is meant (or is right) for us than others, even our family. Success requires us to trust our gut, to take massive risks and actions, to have faith and to find like-minded people along the way to support and elevate us.

Those who discouraged you will see how great you are doing and will turn around. So don’t be afraid to disappoint or to lose people over your aspirations. Do what’s right for you!

4. Perseverance always pays off

When you want something, keep trying until you have it.

Creed travelled to Philadelphia in order to get trained by Rocky Balboa. He received many “Nos” but he persevered and kept asking. He managed to get some drills from Rocky which he was truly grateful for. He then started practicing on his own until Rocky went to see him train aaaand … sorry I can’t spoil you more than I already did!

The lesson here is that perseverance always pays off. It’s not about doing the same thing the same way all along. But it’s about visualising the end goal and never losing sight of it. From there you try, you adapt to changing situations, you change your strategy, you go left then right … I think you get it. You do what’s necessary to succeed and your perseverance will get you closer to where you want to be. Trust me.

5. You are your only competition

This is one of my favourite life lessons. You are not fighting against others you are fighting against yourself to become better at what you do. People simply are an obstacle between you and your real competitor – yourself.

You need to remove the obstacle so you can win. Fight your fears, your doubts, your failures and anything else that is limiting you or stopping you from getting what you want. When you do win you will no longer feel the need to compare yourself to others. Because you will have understood that “it’s you against you!” What others do does not matter. It’s what you do that does.

6. Success is a learning curve

Success doesn’t happen overnight. Be patient. Give yourself time to learn, implement and progress. It will take time at first but it will get quicker as you become better and more experienced at what you do. You are taking the necessary steps so just trust the process and enjoy the journey. Your time will come sooner than you expected.

7. Have a winning strategy : FOCUS

Don’t try to do it all at once. Focus on one thing at a time. Once the first task is complete, move on to the next one and the next and the next. That’s how you progress with confidence and without stress and overwhelm.

8. Believe in yourself and in your vision

This film is a spectacular example of the power of believing in oneself, especially when nobody else does. This is your engine and it will take you to the top. You have all the potential and the power to achieve what you want. If you don’t believe it, pause for a moment and look within. Shut the noise around you down. Do you believe now?

9. We are stronger together

Alone you’ll go faster, together you’ll go further. Of course you can succeed on your own but you would miss out on the incredible experience of having a team around you.

Creed was training on his own when he started boxing. But he had a vision to become a champion and he knew he would need the help of other people – not that he couldn’t make it on his own but he chose to focus on what he loved doing and was great at, and trusted the right team to take care of the rest.

10. Do it for yourself, work hard and be proud

To be unstoppable and to succeed - to achieve your goal and to be happy - you must do it for yourself first. It is your life after all! It is honourable that you want to do it for others and that you want to make them proud. However you must not forget yourself in this process. You will hate yourself for this later and you will hold them responsible. I don’t think it’s what you want, is it?

So, do it for yourself, work hard and be proud of yourself, starting today.

If you want something do whatever it takes to have it. If you get knocked out, get back up! Work while they are sleeping or partying. Make the sacrifices now, enjoy the journey and be grateful for it. You will rest and enjoy later and forever.

Who would have guessed that we could find so many life lessons in a sport that can ruin your pretty face and even kill you, huh?

What other life lessons have you picked up from the film? There were so many I couldn’t share them all here but I’m interested to know what you think.

Few last words to remind you that your life belongs to you and you should own it entirely.

Design it the way you want, choose to do better for yourself, persevere, have faith and keep learning.


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